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Current Projects


Unikernels and specialization come with great performance benefits but at the cost of significant expert development time. Unikraft provides a tool for (semi)-automatically building specialized OSes and unikernels.


SOL is a performance optimizer that transparently accelerates neural network workloads on different hardware.


A new virtualization solution able to beat container performance while retaining the strong isolation provided by hypervisor-based systems. A LightVM guest can boot in 2.3ms and has almost constant boot times with increasing number of VMs.


Blazingly fast, virtualized, isolated video content delivery. MiniCache is able to serve content at rates of up to 32 Gb/s and handle up to 600K reqs/sec on a single CPU core, as well as boot in about 90ms on x86 and around 370ms on ARM32.


A high performance, highly configurable NFV unikernel based on the popular Click modular router software. On inexpensive commodity hardware, ClickOS can achieve 30ms boot times, have a 5MB footprint, and yield 45us delay and 10+ Gb/s speeds.


A unikernel profiler and performance debugger that does not require changes to the unikernel itself. Uniprof works on both x86 and ARM and incurs only minimal overhead (~0.1% at 100 samples/s), making it ideal for profiling even on production systems.

Past Projects


Multiple extensions to the netmap/VALE software switch allowing for switching capacity of over 200Gb/s, definition of custom look-up and filtering functions, and the ability to accelerate Openflow and support user-level network stacks.


A high performance NFV framework able to improves throughput by 10%-73% depending on the NF, is able to closely match resource allocation specifications (with deviations of only 3.5%), and to efficiently cope with changing traffic loads.


Blockmon is a distributed, high-performance, 10+Gb/s monitoring and analysis platform. Its modular architecture makes it simple to support a wide range of applications and to extend its functionality to your needs.