VALE Extensions: A Blazingly Fast Software Switch

With our VALE extensions and contributions you get over 200 Gbps of switching capacity and even allowing to extend it with your own lookup and filtering functions. Check it out!

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Streamlined, High-Speed Virtualized Packet I/O

Our Xen optimizations result in 10 Gbps throughput for almost all packet sizes on a single CPU core, scaling up to 40 Gbps on an inexpensive x86 server. Experience one of the most efficient packet I/O pipes in a virtualization technology.

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ClickOS: Tiny, Agile Virtual Machines for Network Processing

The ClickOS Xen VM requires only 6 MB to run, boots in just ~30 miliseconds and over a hundred of them can be concurrently run on a single, inexpensive x86 server. Massive and nimble consolidation at your fingertips!

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Blockmon: Distributed Monitoring and Data Analysis Solution

Blockmon allows distributed, high-performance, 10Gb/s monitoring and analysis of traffic without loss. Thanks to its modular architecture, it is simple to extend its functionality and .