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Towards Massive Server Consolidation, by Filipe Manco, Xen Developer Summit 2014, August 18 - 19
ClickOS and the Art of Network Function Virtualization, by Joao Martins, NSDI 2014, April 2 - 4
High Performance Network Function Virtualization with ClickOS, by Joao Martins, FOSDEM 2014, February 1 - 2
Network Functions Virtualization on top of Xen, by Simon Kuenzer, DENOG 5, November 14
Enabling Fast, Dynamic Network Processing with ClickOS, by Joao Martins, Xen Developer Summit 2013, October 24 - 25
Accelerating software switches with netmap, by Michio Honda EWSDN, October 10 - 11, Berlin, Germany
From netmap to virtualization through openvswitch, by Luigi Rizzo, Linux Plumbers 2013, September 18 - 20


Unikernels Everywhere: The Case for Ephemeral CDNs
Simon Kuenzer, Anton Ivanov, Jose Mendes, Yuri Volchkov, Florian Schmidt, Kenichi Yasukata, Michio Honda, Felipe Huici (NEC Labs Europe)
VEE 2017 (to appear)
mSwitch: A Highly-Scalable, Modular Software Switch
Michio Honda and Felipe Huici (NEC Labs Europe), Giuseppe Lettieri and Luigi Rizzo (U. of Pisa)
SOSR 2015
Best Paper Award
IN-NET: In-Network Processing for the Masses
Radu Stoenescu, Vladimir Olteanu, and Matei Popovici (U. Politehnica of Bucharest), Mohamed Ahmed, Joao Martins, Roberto Bifulco, Filipe Manco, and Felipe Huici (NEC Labs Europe), Georgios Smaragdakis (MIT), Mark Handley (UCL), and Costin Raiciu (Universitu Politehnica of Bucharest)
Eurosys 2015
The Case for the Superfluid Cloud
Filipe Manco, Joao Martins, Kenichi Yasukata, Jose Mendes, Simon Kuenzer, Felipe Huici (NEC Labs Europe)
USENIX HotCloud 2015
Rollback Recovery for Middleboxes
Justine Sherry (UC Berkeley), Peter Gao (UC Berkeley), Soumya Basu (UC Berkeley), Aurojit Panda (UC Berkeley), Arvind Krishnamurthy (University of Washington), Christian Macciocco (Intel Research), Maziar Manesh (Intel Research), Joao Martins (NEC Labs Europe), Sylvia Ratnasamy (UC Berkeley), Luigi Rizzo (University of Pisa), Scott Shenker (UC Berkeley and ICSI)
Lost in Network Address Translation: Lessons from Scaling the World’s Simplest Middlebox
Vladimir Olteanu (U. Politehnica of Bucharest), Felipe Huici (NEC Labs Europe), Costin Raiciu (U. Politehnica of Bucharest)
SIGCOMM 2015 - Hot Middlebox Workshop
ClickOS and the Art of Network Function Virtualization
Joao Martins, Mohamed Ahmed (NEC Europe Ltd), Costin Raiciu, Vladimir Olteanu (University of Bucharest), Michio Honda, Roberto Bifulco, Felipe Huici (NEC Europe Ltd)
Rekindling Network Protocol Innovation with User-Level Stacks
Michio Honda, Felipe Huici (NEC Europe), Costin Raiciu (University of Bucharest), Joao Araujo (University College London), Luigi Rizzo (University of Pisa)
SIGCOMM CCR - April 2014
Towards Minimalistic, Virtualized Content Caches with Minicache,
Simon Kuenzer, Joao Martins, Mohamed Ahmed, Felipe Huici (NEC Europe Ltd)
CoNEXT 2013 - HotMiddlebox Workshop
Rethinking Access Networks with High Performance Virtual Software BRASes
Roberto Bifulco, Thomas Dietz, Felip